Rising Star Rottweiler Rescue, Inc.
Their heart is the biggest muscle in their body.

Bonnie.  I was found wandering the streets of Ft. Lauderdale.  I was pregnant and had heartworms.  Rising Star took me in, nursed me back to health and found me a forever home with my new parents and another Rottweiler named Ike.  The first time I walked into my new home I walked up to Ike and licked him up one side of his face and then down the other.  We were instant friends. I spent numerous years with my new family before I moved on to my eternal life in January 2008.  My parents still miss me very much.
Baby.  Although my first parents couldn't keep me, a wonderful couple with Rising Star adopted me into their home with their daughter.  I especially enjoyed riding around with my Dad helping him provide security in a gated community.  I made sure to let anyone approaching the car know that I was on duty.  I loved my family and know they loved me and miss me very much.